Bank Charges and Recovery Audit

Our experience reveals that many banks do not adhere to monetary and credit policy guidelines, tariff provisions, and circulars issued from time to time by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Non-adherence sometimes is caused by programming and system errors, wrong value dates, posting mistakes, and other inaccuracies, which result in overcharging customers’ accounts.

At S.A.GANIYU we apply specialized software and skills that we possess, we are able to accurately work out charges on your transactions, reconcile them with approved tariffs, and determine the extent of overcharge, if any. The findings will be communicated to you and your banker(s) who, being aware of the monetary policy guidelines and the regulatory provisions regarding overcharging of customers’ accounts, make the necessary refunds.

 Benefits Derivable by Client

  • Improvement in cash flow and liquidity of the company.
  • Professionally manage your bank account once the bank realizes that you are monitoring their charges continuously.
  • You will earn accurate interest and pay approved charges on your deposits/debit balances, overdrafts, and letters of credit.
  • We will advise you on how best to negotiate to finance your business

About Our Company

We are a firm of chartered accountants and tax practitioners with a focus on providing value-added services to businesses and corporations. Our main objective is to provide top-quality, result-oriented, and cost-effective tax consulting, assurance services, accounting services, and financial and management consulting services to various corporate entities as they strive to fulfill their mission.