Setting up Manual Computerized Accounting System

We understand the information needs of various small and medium enterprises in making quick decisions and setting up an accounting process that looks at business progress and makes sense of the data compiled by the bookkeeper.

For startups’ that could not afford the cost of computerizing their accounting system, we set up a manual accounting system to capture and record all transactions on a timely basis to enable the entrepreneurs to understand the various aspects of the business and for decision-making.

Over the years we have seen many businesses suffer setbacks because of inadequate or inefficient ways of handling the computerization of their accounting system. However, it’s never too late to change. Having an efficient and easy-to-use accounting system has far-reaching benefits. Information you receive from a well-functioning system will paint a clear picture of what is working in your business and what is not. Accurate information will allow you to make informed and astute decisions about your business so that you can focus on profit and growth.

Through a comprehensive review of your business, our professional team of experts will work with you to understand your business needs and we can help guide you toward the accounting system that is right for you.

Our resourceful advice is customized to your specific business needs. We are experts in setting up computerized account software like;

  • Sage50 accounting
  • Tally accounting software,
  • QuickBooks, etc.

About Our Company

We are a firm of chartered accountants and tax practitioners with a focus on providing value-added services to businesses and corporations. Our main objective is to provide top-quality, result-oriented, and cost-effective tax consulting, assurance services, accounting services, and financial and management consulting services to various corporate entities as they strive to fulfill their mission.